Beth Dean of The House of Literary Mirrors tagged this blog for One Lovely Blog Award nomination. Though I partially disagree, it's still a great honor on my part being noticed amid a galaxy of book blogs out there. So in spirit of this tagging tradition, I will share my list of favorite blogs and sites (most of them are authors and professional writers) but I'm not expecting them to do the same. I will also share my 7 random facts.

My 7 Random Facts:
1. I am an engineer by profession and I love developing digital maps of all kinds.
2. Being a licensed engineer who also loves to read is not a rare thing, so people better stop making a fuss about it like it's a big deal. How can you become an engineer if you can't read your calculus book?
3. It's weird but I just recently saw seasons 1 and 2 of HBO's Rome and I enjoyed them all completely.
4. Drums are my favorite musical instruments.
5. I love to draw, if there's plenty of time.
6. I also love to tell stories, when children are the audience.
7. I love listening to stories of my father and my grand folks. Sadly, it's a Filipino tradition on the brink of extinction and I missed them all.

My favorite blogs & sites more worthy of the award:
Italo Calvino
Umberto Eco
Will Eisner
Frank Miller
Neil Gaiman
Phillip K. Dick
John Le Carre
Chuck Palahniuk
Kurt Vonnegut Jr

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