Benchmark is a personal term I give to links (most of them were ancient) directing to my other trashy works in the web. If you find this blog annoying, these links will probably annoy you to death. Good riddance.

Ancient nonsense. 

I love to draw since I was 5 years old. Today, forget about it. 

After graduating in college and before taking the review classes for the board exams, I tried writing short stories in Filipino. Not suitable for young readers though. 

A dumpsite of all random thoughts

Ancient book reviews 

Tsundoku Warrior
Just another book blog but for my more serious and socio-critical side. Not for immature readers.

I've been hangin' out in varied book reading community sites since 2009.
Vectorparadox in Anobii
Ascalon in Goodreads
Deathwalker in Read Philippines

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