The following are my current statistics (as of January 2015) regarding books that I reviewed since the creation of this blog in the middle of 2009. It is also important to clarify that:

1. I do not write reviews for ALL the books I read.
2. I am not connected with any publishing company.
3. I am not connected to any author.
4. I am a Filipino who happens to appreciate reading books late in his life using his spare time.
5. I am a SLOW reader.


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  1. Hi Narj,

    My name is Cathy and I found you while searching online. I hope that you'll be interested in reviewing my story about wild mustangs in the American west. It's a fictional account of the horses and great for anyone around age twelve and up. I actually began writing it as a teenager, having reworked and completed it last year.

    I'll include some links here and if you're interested, I can send a mobi, epub, or pdf file. I could also send you a coupon code for a free download at Smashwords. Please just let me know which would be most convenient.

    Also, here's another blurb that is not shown online:

    A black colt is born into an exciting and dangerous world. Will his parents be able to protect him from becoming a victim?
    The wild mustangs encourage and protect each other, but what will happen when the man and his tame horse show up? Can the mustangs save themselves or will they be forced to abandon all they've ever known?


    Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you soon.


    Cathy Kennedy

  2. ooops. I guess I should give you my contact info, huh?

    Cathy Kennedy


  3. Hi Cathy, even if I have pending book reviews for other authors please send me a copy of your book via nudarion[at]gmail[dot]com and we will see if I can post a review along with the others hopefully this transition months of June-July.


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