Looking Forward

I dont think I have the right to expect anything in the event given that I'm 50/50 to go. But for the people who already planned to go on September 14th I expect these things:

1. New friends and tribes will be established.
2. New books to discover and more importantly, share.
3. Realize the implications of being a "Filipino Reader." 
4. Have fun and spread the reading habit. Especially for the educational and cultural development of the Filipino child.
5. Looking forward to Pinoy ReaderCon 2 next year.

Spread on that reading habit!
EFREN and his Kariton.
There's a saying that the best event in history is never planned, it just happens. Who knows, the universe might arrange things in our favor and when that happens, we are lucky. But we can make ourselves luckier by being a blessing to others too.

For this I wish every Filipino reader and the Reader Con 1 the best of luck, more books, and more power!


  1. Nice! Do let us know if you are able to make it and how it went. I would be missing the event as well being based here in Singapore, but sending my support and positive energies across the miles.

  2. 50/50 lang? i hope that the stars realign and the other 50% happens :)

    happy weekend, and happy readercon!


  3. sayang. would've went to this one if had known. great blog btw, just happened to reach your site in search of pinoy non-fiction books/book aficionados. keep this up mr narj!



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