Comics: since its inception in my younger life at 5 years old (even if I can't read or write yet), flipping the pages one by one allowed me to sense the story by just looking at the pictures in sequence. That experience taught me to trust my intuition in conveying what the author wanted to tell, and basically that became what comics really meant for us readers of this sequential form of art.

I was lucky to read some and even at this age, I still consider reading a comic book or a graphic novel in this country a worthwhile pastime. Here's the list of my All Time Favorite Filipino Comics (Komiks) from a wide range of  format. I included the series, the funnies, the solo release, the one shots, and the indies in my criteria. I'm sure you're not familiar with majority of them and maybe it's time for you to try reading them. Let me know what you think. By the way, this list is very subjective but you get the point. I'm going to present them in a countdown manner.

This is surely, the most popular Urban Horror and Fantasy graphic novel series available in any bookshop in the country. The art by KaJo Baldisimo is superb, and the stories by Budjette Tan is one of the country's best. And yeah, it's an ongoing saga for us fans.

Homophobics need not be afraid to touch and read this graphic novel by artist/writer Carlo Vergara. It's a fun read, I assure you.

An indie comic by Louie Cordero (disguised as Abang Guard Production Inc) made its way into my list. A very ugly art (it's about shit, what else?) but a very funny story about a man accidentally obtaining the power of an alien excretion and literally struggling how to capitalize on the current misfortune from his native farm, to the flooded outskirts of Navotas. 

Manix Abrera's initial collection of college and post-college life in Peyups with the gang of mental bandits and activists scored highly as very relevant to any alumnus reader. No one can forget those days of cramming for the report, cramming for the exams, cramming for org activities, cramming for rock concerts, and last but not the least, cramming for love life (or zero love life). Hwoooh!

This is so far, the most memorable graphic novel on Philippine Mythology written and drawn by Arnold Arre. It's an adventure roller-coaster ride into the realms of lower and higher mythology complete with twists and turns throughout the Pinoy culture and history.  

Three words: Love and Destiny. Arnold Arre once again crafted a beautiful story revolving around two friends in a world heavily influenced by angels and devils ever since man's first fall to the temptation of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. 

Pol Medina Jr is for me the most consistent comic book artist and author. His trademark wit, humor, and deep sense of Pinoy culture is so far, the best among the living Pinoy cartoonists today. His books became required reads for Japanese students studying the Philippine Culture and Politics. And this is not a joke at all. This 5th collection of his series is a personal favorite because of his local parody of Star Wars. And I love the fight scenes and his cool usage of time paradoxes--ala Star Trek. This book made Polgas (aka Wisedog, Dobermaxx) a household name.

Gerry Alanguilan's ultra-violent story of a killing spree along EDSA is actually an allusion of his heartbroken days after his girlfriend migrated to the US. It's a classic story of coping the loss of someone you deeply loved. Love, or Die.

This book by the legendary Francisco Coching is five stars for me. It's classically drawn and classically written by a leading National Artist contender. Being a classic book, I  didn't mean that it doesn't have a twist. The twist is actually the main story and the reader will be rewarded with a perfect ending.


Once again, Pol Medina Jr's deep knowledge on the popular and less popular culture of the Filipino catapulted his name as the country's leading comic book author and artist. If you don't know yet where to test your anting-anting or agimat (with a hearty laugh), better read this book. Laughter is still, the best medicine for the Filipinos and the comedy-horror story arc is the best that exists in my opinion and still, unmatched. 

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