November Komikon 2010

As much as I want this blog to be ad free, I just want to show my support to any acts, endeavor, or venture that will recognize the Pinoy talent in sequential and animated art. Commercial or non-commercial, the important thing is that we, as comic book lovers, must give our respect and our support to Pinoy authors and artists.

Sadly, I need to excuse myself and pass this event including the Filipino Book Bloggers' 2nd meet up at Libreira Cubao this Saturday (but I will definitely be on the lookout for the resulting reports and blog posts) because my presence is important to give a practical/hands-on lecture on GIS stuffs like Google Earth, MapInfo, and cross platform GPS tools like Global Mapper and Map Edit (not counting off that Saturday is still a workday for me). November 13 will be a very busy day. Still, I tip my hat to the Filipino artists.

Power to the Filipino!


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