Light and Darkness

This novel currently has only one edition in the Philippines (in trade paperback format) that may appear costly for a budget-sensitive reader. But if you're highly curious and very serious to start an Urban Horror/Fantasy adventure, you will be practically rewarded. Not counting out that this is just the first book of the four.

Sergei Lukyanenko obviously employed his skills as a psychiatrist in writing this novel and whether you're an insider or not of the Urban Horror genre, you will find his book easy to the eyes and the imagination.

I was never bored reading this book being divided into three parts in sequence. The stories are told from the eyes of Anton, a second level magician of the Night Watch in the contemporary city of Moscow. The stories are unpredictable in a good way, revolving on the lives of the Others----deviants of human origin with inherent and  acquired abilities popularly categorized in history as sorcerers, witches, warlocks, vampires, shapeshifters, and tricksters.

The only thing that divides the Others is a choice; a choice between good and evil. If an Other chooses the Light, he will become part of the Night Patrol or Night Watch. If an Other chooses the Darkness, he will become part of the Day Watch. If an Other dares to choose nothing, he will become a magician of the lowest form, a straggler on the streets of the human world with skills left undeveloped.

Light and Darkness. These two sides constantly watch each other's move like two dueling chess masters, planning a strategy against the enemy under the limits of a treaty, a treaty that impose balance between the two sides and the future of human civilization. And between the pages, you can see and enjoy the tension and gravity between the two sides as they try to outfox each other until another group emerges from the blinds, and the rise of a potential sorceress that threatens to tip the scales-- the balance of power.

The elements may not be original from Fantasy stories but the characters and actions are told in a refreshing perspective that will only leave you with delight and sympathy for the characters. Though I recommend this book to mature readers, it may also appeal to young adults. Because the reading here is over before you know it, and you will crave for more.

Genre: Urban Horrror/Fantasy
Rating: 4 levels of "Gloom"


  1. Not sure if I was able to post my message earlier -- I've got the entire series here in Aklan, if you haven't read the others and can't find a copy elsewhere. XP Kung may National Bookstore or Fully Booked lang kita iya...

  2. Yes. The series is available here in Fully Booked-Gateway. This shop is usually my stop before I go home from my work. Before this month ends, I'm going to read DAYWATCH.
    If I got a money to invest, I will surely put an NBS franchise there in our hometown Kalibo! How I wish! =P Thanks for visiting!


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