Apocalypse Now

Harold Camping's prediction about the end of the World based on the First Testament's Book of Genesis is once again, off. His previous calculation (or rather, miscalculation) assumed that Judgment Day should have happened last 1994. Of course, humanity survived 1994 and today, does anybody care if somebody declares to know when the end will happen? With or without predictions, humanity must fight for their right to live and maintain that courage to face the inevitable.

The question by the majority now (that I really hate to hear) is when will it happen and who will be the next fool to declare it. Answering that is open to everybody and subject for anyone's interpretation.

On the other hand, my foolish opinion about the End of Days is this: Apocalypse will not happen in a single day but it has already started. Now, we are actually in the process of slowly killing ourselves by breathing poisoned air, eating synthetic foods, dealing with nuclear and natural disasters, and the recurrent man-made wars. We don't need to pinpoint exactly the ending, we only need the courage to face it. Because Man is the only species capable of this kind of courage, not plants, not animals.       


  1. Hi Narj,
    I came across your blog when Google-ing images for my blog about the synchronicities I struck when finding William Gibson's "Neuromancer" in a $5 discount bookstore.
    I had a bit of a read through your blog and found it quite impressive,so decided to follow it.
    But here is another "coincedence".The book I am currently reading is "Delta of Venus",by Anais Nin,and it is the Penguin version,as well.
    Admittedly,it is not the only book that I'm reading at the moment,but it is one of three that I am.

  2. Thank you for following. What a freaky coincidence, huh? You got there a very impressive blog too focusing on synchronicity--finding connections in everything. Interesting endeavor.

  3. Thanks Narj,
    I got the idea of the personal blog/journal thing from reading through Mike Clelland's Blog,
    "Hidden Experience"
    and Christopher Knowels' blog "The Secret Sun"
    Whilst I don't agree with everything they write,I must say there is a lot of food for thought,and it has lead me down some interesting roads,that I would not have taken without reading through their blogs.
    I highly recommend reading/listening to them,if you get the time.
    Cheers /Daz


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