Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

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Some books were created as if they were perfectly designed to be adapted into an action film. This novel is one of them. In an age of fiction reboots, mash-ups and reversions, the time is probably right to write a story like this since it's easy to make it commercially viable to the general readership.

Though categorized as a horror fiction, this novel by Seth Grahame-Smith is an entertaining read for readers of historical fiction and adventure. Some would sub-categorize it as historical fantasy, but I'm tempted to see it more as an historical parody--with a bite.

We've been allowed to review (or see for the first time if you're a complete novice of American History) the story of American Civil War from a different perspective, a playful view and reinvention of Abraham Lincoln's life. In the same manner as the author loved to play with history, I want to know how the Lincoln scholars feel about this novel,  as much as I want to know how Rizalistas in the Philippines would feel if somebody wrote a story about Jose Rizal: Aswang Hunter. It's more likely that I will never see it by the light of day.

It was indeed entertaining and an easy read. But since we were given with a mixture of historical facts and fiction, I find my reading phase a very careful and slow one due to mentally separating the actual from the invention. Abraham Lincoln is a very admirable hero for the modern world and I don't want to taint his good name. But since I dislike vampires, playfully I'm on his side eradicating the scum of the free world. The hero is not alone though, and the excitement rises when he finds his fellow hunters and an unexpected guide and benefactor from the ranks of the vampires themselves. This commando plot is a delightful scene comparable to Wolverine's Team X, or Avengers in the world of comics but it wont take long before honest Abe meet his end.

This novel is Read Philippines' Book of the Month for July.

Category: Fantasy, Horror, Historical Fiction
Rating: 3 sticks of "congreves"      


  1. Deathwalker, agree w you that its an entertaining mix of fact and fiction, but maybe not respectful. Ur idea of a Jose Rizal: Aswang Hunter is a good example!

    1. Hi Wanda! If Seth Grahame-Smith can get away unscathed with Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, then he's probably allowed to do more parodies like this one. As long as it sells, right? =P

  2. I'd heard of this book, and it sounds both insane and highly entertaining. I'm definitely going to have to check it out.

    I'm a new follower -- my blog is http://nickieanderson.blogspot.com/

    I hope you'll drop by!

    1. Followed you back Nickie. Thanks!


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