Curiosity exploring Mars

Landing on the Martian terrain at 10:31 pm PDT (August 5, 2012) or 1:31 am EDT (August 6, 2012), the nuclear-powered rover nicknamed "Curiosity" began its two-year exploration of the red planet. This rover that functions as a mobile science lab is awesome for nerd standards currently distracted by Olympic entertainment and monsoon blues in the Pacific triggered by Global Warming. Just by looking at the pictures and reading the stories straight from the official dossiers of NASA online, this is so far, the "science" and the geekiest news for the year. I am sure this one is not made in a Hollywood basement contrary to what the Apollo 11 Hoax believers and conspiracy theory fanatics preach out there in the cyberspace. If you're still living in a cave for that long, I don't blame you.

Curiosity rover shell entering the Mars atmosphere

Landing schematics (click to enlarge)

Landing spot near the foot of a mountain
3 miles tall and 96 miles in diameter
inside the Gale Crater
(Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/UA)

When touchdown ends, exploration begins

One of the first terrain images taken by the rover

Nuclear powered toy:
smart and mobile (and perhaps deadly)

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