Planet Of the Geeks

 The back cover blurb states it plainly:
"In his first book, Carljoe Javier writes hilarious essays on diverse topics like being a certified geek, the panties of celebrities, the dilemma of peeing, teaching at a school for girls, his mutant powers, playing with an edgy rock band, and joining a local reality tv show."

This blurb essentially previews the whole territory of being a certified GEEK. And the book gives you clues on how to maintain that exclusive geek status as Carljoe Javier retells his misadventures with panty fetishes, loyalty tensions between two bootleg shopkeepers at-war, social incompetence with women at a wedding party, losing the battle against computer viruses, nursing the broken ego via Google, witnessing two chicks lip-locking in school, the dilemma of explaining to his little sister the truth about socioeconomic inequity, the pains of mind control when the bladder's about to explode, the horrors of writing scary stories, myopia and being Cyclops, rocking the crowd with the band, and being helpful but losing it in a reality tv show. All these with alcohol in between.

Luckily for Carljoe he will never run out of girls to talk to because he's now a popular writer. That's the most important thing to achieve if you want to be the hero of the Planet Geek.

WHERE DOES THE GEEK STAND? (image courtesy of Leigh Howells)

Genre: Essays
Rating: 3
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  1. I'm starting to get interested in this book. ^_^ By the way, Carljoe Javier is the main speaker for the first Filipino ReaderCon on Sept. 14. We hope you guys can come! ^_^

  2. Pinoy Reader Con 1 is the main reason why I even bothered to read his book, for all of these funny writers (in the non fiction world) gaining attention in the local mainstream. I'm hoping too to make it to the event.


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