Bloodshot Reborn Deluxe Edition 1

The art is top-notch for a character that reminds me heavily of Punisher, Deadpool, and Wolverine. But reading the whole edition covering Bloodshot Reborn issues 1 to 13 makes me conclude that the Bloodshot story here looks very familiar. I thought the emphasis should have been pinned into the secret of nanotechnology and its possible weaknesses (I wanted to see a possible counter-technology to the Nanites) but the "magic" of the Nanites was swept under the rug in exchange for action and continuity of the whole Bloodshot legend---or aptly, Bloodshot's Reborn. This is definitely more of an action story than a sci fi story because the narrative theme here belongs to Bloodshot himself---Ray Garrison, not some damn nanotechnology.  It's just not so original as it seems. There are scenes that are so familiar like the last eye-candy Mad Max film reboot, Marvel Comics' Old Man Logan, and the first Matrix film when Neo woke up from the pod. Yup. That I think, sums it all.

P.S. I got a review copy of this comic book via the Net Galley and reading it via Adobe Digital Editions app in my laptop is not a smooth read. I was still able to capture some screenshots though, just for review purposes. All images owned by Valiant Comics.

Genre: Adult Action, Sci Fi
Rating: 3 pints of nano-blood 

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