Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino

Contrary to a pulp review I saw on Goodreads, I think this book is not pseudo science. This is just a collection of legends or fables---fantastic stories of an evolution of the universe. Legends on how the universe evolve into being. A constant and sometimes convoluting recreation of life as told by the central character named as Qfwfq (the exact pronunciation here varies per reader) where the technique is actually fantastical and humanistic by using the elements of science.

This edition is composed of 12 stories and I'm lucky to dislike only one titled "The Light Years" due to semantics. I just cant simply suspend my belief in thinking that somebody from a distant galaxy speaks the same language as humans and dislike the convoluting idea of messages jumping back-and-forth across galaxies and time. But I like the stories (some are heartbreaking and most are comical) that reflect humanity at best and also at worst. I love the endless games with Pfwfp and the wagers with Dean k(y)K as the universe expands, and I struggled with Qfwfq (an amphibian in the story) who lost his (first?) love Lll to his great uncle N'ba N'ga the fish at a certain evolutionary period.  

Qfwfq as a central character represents a mathematical formula, then a physical matter, a piece of rock, a cell, a fish, an amphibian, a dinosaur, and so on per story. This is perhaps a factor that will make readers like or despise the collection as a whole but I am giving it a substantial rating of 3 stars for the entertaining stories. I think I can now postulate the certain part of a woman that Calvino really loves.

(This is my first read and my first review here in Davao City. I just love the place! Ramon Bautista, you are probably under the sea when you said that there are lots of "Shrimps" here last year 'coz you are so wrong...lol)

Genre: Fantasy, Fable
Rating: 3 Light Years  

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