Miriam Defensor Santiago's Stupid is Forever

It is always an amusement when you see a politician bash her fellow politician. It's like observing an alligator biting a crocodile in a zoo. You just need a piece of chair to sit on and a popcorn to munch at. And when somebody tells you that she has a very high standard of integrity, you may not need to believe it prima facie. Because she is probably joking.

Some of the contents of this book are mostly rehashed lines from Boy Pick Up (or Boy Banat) and other satire and humor sites as confessed by the author herself in the introduction. Some of the jokes are very good, the epigrams are fresh and hard hitting like a sucker punch while some are just classic jokes that has been circulating more than a decade ago. I enjoyed the fresh ones as much as re-reading the old ones. It just feels that I contributed to a politician's campaign funds, if not her health funds. Is this book an early part of an election campaign? Not sure. Not counting out the illustrators who lent their talents for this book, Miriam Defensor Santiago's collection of epigrams will make her fans love her more and also, she has the ABS CBN Publishing to thank for. I just hope that her fellow politicians take her bites at heart just for the common good of the Filipino citizen. But then again, can the stupid really learn?

Genre: Humor, Satire
Rating: 3 impressive resumes out of 5

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