Patron Saint of Readers

St George and the Dragon 
Mural by Peter Paul Rubens (c. 1605-1607)

The day passed in a breeze with common regularity last Wednesday. Only this morning I've found out that UNESCO's International Day of the Book last 23rd of April for a long and existing tradition in book reading and sharing coincides with the English Feast of St George set by the Council of Oxford in 1222.

From James Brinsford's article on the founding of World Book Night: "We are not the only ones that celebrate this day as George is also the patron saint of Catalonia in Spain. As part of their day, the men of Barcelona will give the women roses, whilst they are given a book in return."

It's not far to imagine that by looking at the art above (that mirrors Archangel Michael's victory over the Devil himself) the mythology of St George's slaying of the dragon also symbolize every reader's victory over ignorance, lies, and disinformation.

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