Star Trek: Into Darkness

JJ Abrams' latest sci fi project before delving into the Star Wars expansion for years to come is a good sequel to the first Star Trek reboot. Trekkies were treated with a good origin story for Kahn but I think this is just for me being a late fan of the Star Trek universe.  

The tagline "Earth Will Fall" is a bit off I think, given the point that only a part of Earth faced an imminent danger from a supposedly terrorist attack. Even if most of the sequences are easily predictable, I saw no significant weak plots and subplots in the whole duration. This action-oriented sequel is a good treat for any sci fi fan and I think this is one of the better Sci Fi films this year--something you cant take for granted as a viewer.

Genre: Sci Fi
Rating: 8 photon torpedoes out of 10

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