If all roads lead to this...

This transition of a racing franchise into a mission impossible series happens at your very eyes at the speed of an instantaneous Nitro burst but we are not complaining. We are actually extolling it for the love of beautiful and fast machines, old-timer speed freaks.

And if all roads lead to this, then what is left to lead for the next part--the final part? The High Road? A car chase in hell, in space, or perhaps underwater? Letty's got a selective amnesia that's why she forgot about her family but not her racing skills. Ok, I'll take it. As the franchise will finally conclude starting with the big (but not so surprising) revelation of the final villain played by Mr Transporter himself--Jason Statham at the end credits, I think it's about time to finally roll the curtain if you don't want to run on an empty gas.

All good things must end to give way to a better one.

Genre: Action, Racing
Rating: 80%

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