Pacific Rim

"Ang galing naman nyan, Sir Narj... Ano yan FPS?"
"Movie lang ito pre."

This is just one of the upcoming post-apocalyptic Sci Fi flicks next year.
Something to look forward to. Or maybe not.


  1. The concept and trailer looks interesting. They've certainly put enough budget into it. I suppose it all comes down to whether or not Pacific Rim has a surprisingly solid story (like Real Steel)or is yet another example of the studios using flashy gimmicks to make a quick buck.

    Also, I was wondering what your email address was and if you were interested in accepting review requests. You can email me at andrewcyrushudson@gmail.com if you prefer to contact me first.

  2. Hi Andrew! Thanks for commenting and sorry for the late reply. I review books and movies for free and it means I do it whenever I can and when I'm not busy with my work. Review requests are okay just give me ample time to finish them all. You can contact me here: nudarion[at]gmail[dot]com, or deathwalker[at]live[dot]com


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