The Truant Finds Home

I was actually looking for a special advanced screening of The Hobbit tonight but instead I ended up watching this live action film adaptation of an anime+manga classic originally screened in Japan by third quarter of 2012.

I tip my hat to whoever wrote the script that transmuted and amplified the magic of the anime series into the big screen for an estimated duration of 2 hours and 45 minutes. I believe that any Hollywood attempt of adapting this story can never surpass nor duplicate the feat. Hollywood scouts better stay away from this classic story, and they should be because for any Rorouni Kenshin devotee, it can be considered as blasphemy.

Presenting the background story in almost non-linear style is always a very effective method, it will keep you glued and always on the lookout for the next sequence as you remember the version of the story in the anime.

The fight scenes are brutally awesome, the characters complement each other, the cinematography is crisp and brilliant and even if there's no significant slapstick comedy scenes highly observable in the anime series, better ready yourself for unexpected and unguarded laugh-out-loud scenes.

Deeply taking its root from the actual Bushido code, the message of honor and redemption is never vague nor overused. Overall, a very inspiring work of art for a very cute love story. F*ck, did I just mention the word cute? Kaoru Kamiya has found a protector and Kenshin Himura has found a home; a Dojo instructor has found an experienced swordsman.

From now on like fire and ember, we all know that nothing can separate the two.

Genre: Live Action, Film Adaptation
Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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