The Dark Knight's Fitting Finale

Before watching, I thought this final part of the Dark Knight Saga by Cris Nolan would be perfect if a major character dies. And us viewers were treated with it in an awe, five minutes into the film's end. In the second film The Dark Knight, the Joker played by Heath Ledger stole the show from Bruce Wayne but in this final part, Bruce Wayne took the limelight back, in a major way.

It's a fitting finale for Batman to complete his legend in the city of Gotham. He redeemed his name as a traitor at the end of the second film and he will be remembered as not just Gotham's hero but also its patron saint, after seeing his monument unveiling. It's a very awkward feeling [MAJOR SPOILERS HERE] seeing Alfred the butler crying his heart out in front of Bruce Wayne's grave. It's something the viewers and readers of the comic books never highly expected. But die hard fans out there need not despair, your hero just took a retirement vacation with his new kick-ass chick, as the role of a new Dark Knight in the end apparently given to the idealistic patrol officer John Blake aka Robin.

The plot has only one major flaw, and it's about fixing a broken spine with the aid of a rope, a lot of exercise, and agression. But I was never bothered about it, since this flaw is the only 'fantasy' element of this superhero movie. The rest remained faithful to the gritty and mind-fuck narrative of Cris Nolan. I never cared if Selina Kyle looked more like Batgirl than Catwoman here.  Also, I never bothered about the massive uprising by the League of Shadows that almost mirrors the real life activities of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The mass anarchy here is no doubt massive, but it's a hit-and-miss.

Highly recommended for mature viewers for it's storyline twists and turns, this finale earns my 90% rating.

Genre: Superhero Movie, Action, Crime
Rating: 90% 

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