Midnight Toast

On this eve of the official book launching and after reading my copy, I commend Budjette for writing quality stories beyond my expectations. Of the four, this latest book is my favorite. Any Pacquiao fan would surely like the mythology Budjette created here. And for the rest of the stories in this 4th collection, they all provided depth and additional dimensions to the overall progress of the ongoing Alexandra Trese story, the World of Trese that we readers like to follow.

I never imagined of a plant elemental before since I always refer to an "elemental" as representative of the traditional, worldly and fundamental "elements" like air, water, fire, lightning, and earth but the writer used the term to represent plant-like creatures and spirits but it's okay, it never hindered me in following the story and enjoy it just the same.  

What I would love to see in the future is to perceive the Trese story and legend through the eyes of Captain Guerrero. Though I wish KaJo drew him to look more Filipino than just a physical derivative of Batman's Commissioner Gordon and I would like to see him slightly knowledgeable already with the world of the unknown from all the strange cases he encountered and solved with the help of Trese and her Kambal escorts.  

But for the moment, I raise my bottle of fruit-flavored vodka to Budjette and KaJo tonight.

Good work!

Rating: 4 glasses of orange juice
Genre: Urban Fantasy & Horror


  1. Came in late I think it was almost 8 but I still got my copy.


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