10 Filipino Books

For an avid reader who loves his/her Filipino origins, I will recommend these 10 memorable and thought-provoking Filipino books. Ever since reading Noli in my history class, I will never forget the story of Elias the renegade. And I love reading (and watching) the story of Ibong Adarna when Prinsipe Amante was able to outfox his greedy brothers especially when Dolphy plays that lead role since I have a soft spot on the Fantasy-Comedy genre. Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere, and Ibong Adarna are just two of the classic books that I believe a Filipino reader should know by heart.

I recommend these books below hoping that the public will be able to notice the value of book reading in this postmodern, digital age.


Tikman ang Langit: An Anthology on the Eraserheads - Calimag, Garcia, and Rodriguez, ed.


Tutubi, Tutubi 'Wag Kang Magpahuli, Sa Mamang Salbahe - Jun Cruz Reyes

*---graphic novels

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  1. thanks for the recommendations. i'll be sure to check them out. which would you recommend i try out first? :)


  2. I would recommend Michael Tan's Revisiting Usog, Pasma, Kulam because the idea behind it is very straightforward and practical (Pasma!) and when Dr Tan starts to connect ideas with our history and culture, from Chinese, to Spanish, to American it will become a delightful read. There are funny anecdotes and historical discoveries to enjoy here. Thanks for visiting!

  3. I had a great time with After Eden. Mythology Class is also superb in a class of its own. I wish there are more Arre books.

  4. Hey, narj, we just published Revisiting Usog, Pasma, Kulam as an ebook.:) It's now available on Amazon.

    Was able to browse through it, though not read it entirely. I agree, it does have interesting anecdotes and I kinda became interested in his brand of medical anthropology. Hope to read the whole book soon.:)

  5. A friend gave me a copy of After Eden for my birthday a few years ago and I really enjoyed reading it. That was before the blog though so I never got to feature it. Maybe I should do a I reread so I can review it.

  6. @jers: Madami pang libro si Arnold bukod pa sa Mythology Class at After Eden. There's Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat, Trip to Tagaytay (sci-fi), Martial Law Babies, and his current project Private Iris.

    @fantaghiro: I like Dr Tan's retelling of his own experience with "pasma" that led to his academic inquiry of its scientific and histo-cultural nature. It's very interesting and it was fun reading it.

    @chachic: After Eden was one of the first batch of graphic novels available in the Filipiniana section of our school's main lib and reading it was memorable. I remember I was the first to borrow it but that was eons ago..

  7. Better add Ilustrado by Miguel Syjuco. For an internationally multi awarded book by a Filipino Author it seems to few Filipino reader had included this book on their list to read.
    FYI info: Man Asia and Palanca 2008 winner, Hugh MacLennan Prize: Winner 2010.

  8. Finished reading Ilustrado last year and I consider it as a very popular read. My review here--http://booktripper.blogspot.com/2010/06/ilustrado.html

    Most of the books I recommend above represent less popular and easily snubbed books(except FH Batacan's I think) published locally, but quality reads just the same.


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