Spy Movie of 2011? We Hope So.

17 days to go, seventeen days of waiting before lovers of Espionage Fiction worldwide will finally enjoy the movie with an impressive cast of actors. He played a memorable job as Commissioner Gordon in the last two Dark Knight films and I hope Gary Oldman will deliver the goods again by playing as operative George Smiley and finally hit for the home run this time around. Originally a book published in 1974 by John Le Carre who happens to be a former member and operative of Her Majesty's Secret Service---the MI6 (but this is no secret to his followers), Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy as a movie will finally try to become the espionage film of 2011. Tinker Tailor is the first book (and my third Le Carre read in 2006) that will serve as a good jump off point for the bigger, more complicated Karla Trilogy.

If you want  a more realistic and mature espionage thriller who truly understands the current geopolitical structure with no bias, John Le Carre is on the top of the hierarchy. Not like Ludlum, Forsyth, and Fleming that puts the action and naked women at the center of the story, John Le Carre puts the issue (usually this issue is global) and the mystery at the center. In a Le Carre novel, there is no clear line that separates good and evil. If there ever was, the reader will realize that it was just a mirage, an illusion. There is no black and white. His stories are paradoxical that will make the reader think, and think again. Anyway, let's wait for the movie. We just hope that this movie is as good as the book.

Spy film of the year? We hope so.


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