Pugad Baboy 23

Just got a copy of the latest issue of PM Jr's Pugad Baboy. 

Though this compilation is similar to last year (#22) since it also doesn't contain a featured story arc that we followers of the whole comic strip love since book 1, it's still OK. I totally enjoyed it as much as the past issues.

I didn't mind if the cover failed to impress other Pugad Baboy readers out there. Putting up an issue every year---a collection of strips originally appeared in the Philippine Daily Inquirer is not easy to accomplish. He's been doing that for 23 years. If you're a cry-baby and wants to crucify PMJR after seeing the "boring" cover design and the "recurring" political jokes, better stick to your little brother's coloring books or your own hentai collections. We don't really give a rat's a$$.

In other words, please spare us the emo crap if you cant grow up.

If this book was really below average, how come it was helpful to accompany my Godfather I-III DVD marathon in-between breaks this evening?  

Genre: Comics, Current Events
Rating: 4 irradiated servings of sushi

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