The First Sorrowful Mystery


The story is not that original as what I wanted to expect from Neil Gaiman and I believe that P. Craig Russell should also take the credit for his artwork in this graphic novel edition.

Traditionally, we know that Angels represent the higher level of existence and divinity (compared to man) being tasked as messengers of God and servants of His will. For some readers, seeing the Angels descend the hierarchy of celestial beings to decadence and  become like mere mortals under the influence of Eros may be a great picture, but it didn't work that much for me.

Still, I give both Gaiman and Russell 3 stars for the gutsy adaptation of a short story (written by Gaiman himself) into the form of graphical fiction.

This is my first official Book Rev over this group.

Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 3 droplets of Lucifer's tears out of 5


  1. The red water surface initially struck me as . . . deadly, And the combination of that and the etherally white feathers creates a visual oxymoron. Nice contrast.

    I haven't read any Neil Gaiman books but . . . Hurray! for the cover. ^_^

  2. Angels will always be instrumental in each man's fate ever since they were given the power to interfere with the human realm...

    There's a lot of paradox in the story and some disturbing scenes too, but in the end, it's all in the eyes of the beholder. Some liked it, while others do not. =P


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