SIXTY SIX by Molina & Sta Maria

I was like a fish at the end of a hook when I saw Whilce Portacio's back cover blurb heralding the "polished full package" of this adult Filipino comic book.

I agree with the quality layouts and the well-crafted dialogue but the reason and origin behind the main character's "gift" of  superhuman abilities on his 66th birthday really needs an explanation or at least a clue to be counted as a sound sci fi story. If I try to look at it as an Urban Fantasy, I am inclined to think that Celestino Cabal was just imagining things starting on the eve of his birthday and will probably wake up from the heartbreaking ending of Kabanata 4.

I like the Filipino urban setting that is very realistic. I like Sta Maria's style of illustration as we saw in his previous collaboration work Skyworld. The sidekick here is at least smart and the story in general is emotionally engaging but still it doesn't perfectly feel like a complete one shot, full story-in-one-book as I expected. I thought I was missing some pages before the final scene. I just hope that Kabanata 5 (or more) is out there somewhere, waiting to be told because the story that runs through Kabanata 1-4 needs a resolution.

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Pinoy Superhero
Rating: 3 slices of birthday cake


  1. Hi Narj, thanks for picking up the book. You have raised some valid points and looking back, I should have added "itutuloy" at the end of the last panel because there will be a book 2 that will hopefully tie up those loose ends. Again, thanks for the support and I hope we do not disappoint with the final chapters.

    1. Hi Russ. Reading the book is not really disappointing, but confusing or "bitin." I like the overall pace of the story that is fast, but maybe you should have slowed it down in the final pages to reach the cliffhanger. But now knowing that there will be a sequel or a continuity then its enough reason for us hooked readers to look forward to it. Thank you for stopping by and good luck to your next project.


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