A letter to my 24 year old self on my 34th birthday

I know what you've been through but take it easy brother, it's all worth it.

You were never born rich, your family has no influence whatsoever, no social status to bank on but be strong to maintain at your age the values of incorruptibility and trustworthiness. You will face hard decisions especially when a lot of people are involved but follow your heart and your conscience. Both will guide you to a path of righteousness.

Amid limitations and problems, believe that you can rise to the challenge starting on your own effort. When you're at the bottom, there is nothing else to do but to climb but do it one step at the time. Be aware that others are climbing the ladder too so be respectful and be helpful. Even if you choose to live a simple life, know that you still have to work for it. Just don't forget to laugh and learn from others. Treasure your folks and know your place in this part of the world.

Do not be afraid of leaving your comfort zone. Who said that a comfort zone is always static? Nobody. How about trying to see it in a different light? Make it reside in your heart so that you don't need to leave it, you carry it anywhere you go. Just be inspired and keep on dreaming. You have the strength to transform any place to become a piece of heaven. Use it to help your brothers and sisters. Share your blessings and practice humility. Appreciate kindness. Love and forgive but never forget the lessons. Say sorry when you need to. Appreciate somebody who comes along especially if she's the only one who can make you smile.

Knowledge may lead you somewhere, but attitude is everything. Take heed that nice words are nothing if they come from the carnivorous sheep. You will meet a lot of them. If you want to win, play it by God's rules and nothing more. Let them play by their own dirty rules. It's not all about winning, but learning and becoming a better person.

Don't throw away what you have learned. Use them well. You will find soon enough the importance of having a basic background before you take the next steps. You can study on your own but you can also learn from the group so choose your tribe wisely. Sharpen your tools as you wait, and respect the virtue of patience because, it really is a VIRTUE.

Last but not the least, remember about what Master Yoda said to the young Skywalker. It's either you do or you do not. There is no try. You can actually try, but most of the time, it's all about doing it or not doing it. Trying will only lead you to a lot of excuses. Choose to say "I will." It simply means you walk the talk and execute your plans. If the unexpected happens, don't worry there's still another day of possibilities waiting for you.

Seeking wisdom and guidance from Above wont hurt. So good luck!

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