All You Zombies by Robert Heinlein

I saw the movie Predestination and most viewers compare it as Inception or Looper of 2014. Learning that it was inspired by a Robert Heinlein short story titled "All You Zombies" published in 1960, I looked for a copy online and I got lucky.

It's amazing how Robert Heinlein was able to create a very tight narrative in a world composed of one character, special thanks to H.G. Wells's invention of the time machine as a fictional device. There are actually two fictional devices here, but I leave the other for you to find out just to keep this short review spoiler-free.

The temporal agent disguised as a barkeeper wearing the Ouroboros ring is a pretty cool idea as an allusion of predestination stuff where there is no such thing as a parallel universe and one reality is created and recreated.  I think at the time this story was written, Heinlein never thought of a parallel universe as a result when you play with your past.

Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: 4 shots of Old Underwear drink

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