Tony Gilroy's Bourne Legacy

Even if the original Bourne Trilogy is not faithful to Robert Ludlum's books, it can be considered as "complete" in itself and probably better and more exciting than the novels.  This one though has the same quality of cinematography especially when you encounter the Alaskan scenery and the familiar dynamic car chase for a Tony Gilroy movie.

The title of this latest Bourne film is based on a novel (of the same title) by Eric Van Lustbader, a continuation of the series as approved by the Ludlum Estates. But the connection ends here. This film is a non-canon by Ludlum standards and it may be taken as a "side story" of the original trilogy films but it still entertains and well-paced up to the middle of the story.

[SPOILER HERE] The group involved in Project Treadstone invested a lot in a new "secret" project only to invest more to cover and hide the tracks for the secret to remain hidden from the public eye. I think CIA may have implicated indirectly Jason Bourne as the one who killed the investigative journalist who is about to reveal more projects similar to Treadstone. One way or another, it's a lose-lose scenario for Treadstone handlers. The Manila scenes are okay they are shown as it should be without sugarcoating. But the ending I think, is kinda rushed and I expected a better ending shot of Palawan. Even the redub of "Extreme Ways" as an ending soundtrack sounds average by employing the same techno method in an already techno music by Moby. The one from Bourne Ultimatum OST sounds a lot better.

What really saved this movie to earn eighty percentile? The question is actually "who?" The answer are the actors. The chemistry between Rachel and Jeremy stood out.

Genre: Espionage, Action Thriller
Rating: 80%

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