Man of Steel teaser one

Minus Point: Soundtrack ripped off from LOTR Fellowship of the Rings, right after Gandalf the Grey fell with the Balrog. A Superfan in the Superherohype site almost went ballistic after writing my comment about this. LOL.

Plus Points: The loner and the Deadliest Catch scenes.Clark's pet dog Krypto looks cool and a nice companion (I'm not sure about it's breed though). Superman breaking the speed of sound leaving trails of sonic boom. This version, the Jor-El version of message to his son is preferable than the Jonathan Kent version.

(my loose transcription)
"You will give the people an ideal to strive towards.
They'll rise behind you. 
They will stumble, they will fall.
And in time, they will join you in the sun.
In time, you will help them accomplish wonders..."
Jor El

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