Yeng Remulla's "Productive Pinoy"

This book is one of my "flash reads" this year. Meaning, I was able to read and finish them inside a book shop, or library. This book by Yeng Remulla is just one of those motivational and strategy books available in the market today. The cover design got my attention first and it took me less than an hour to browse through it and identify the highlight points of the author.

This book targets the Global Pinoy and his family to invest on the monthly remittances. The book is mostly about the best use of money, time, and opportunity. Nothing is new with this one. If you know some of those instructional, motivational, and entrepreneurial authors, you can see parts of their ideas within this book. In these pages I saw Stephen Covey, Robert Kiyosaki, Francis Kong, Francisco Colayco, and Alex Lacson.

With or without citation to the original authors, I would still commend Yeng Remulla for being able to express those ideas in a lighthearted and positive way, the way most Filipinos like to "read" a book. Remulla wrote with humility and his style is basically Pinoy for both the experienced and the novice reader. I just hope those who loved reading this book would also be able to apply the philosophy.

Genre: Motivational, Strategy
Rating: 3 pieces of Siomai 

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