The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

PhotobucketThis novel by Stieg Larsson deserved to be adapted into film regardless of what's going to happen with the Hollywood version this year. Stieg Larsson's style of writing wont disappoint any hardcore reader of the murder & mystery genre. And since it's a murder & mystery novel for mature readers, do not expect any fairy tale beginning and ending for this one. As a reader, I carefully followed the plot twists and the complex web of deceit but still, I wasn't really prepared for Blomkvist's solution and Lisbeth's final hack act, but both of them entertained me a lot.

I just joined the legion of Lisbeth fanatics since November last year, and we proudly declare that we "heart" Lisbeth. Complex characters may be overused in any thriller novel but in this case, it's forgivable and you can make it an exception. Because Lisbeth Salander's paradox and complexity of a character is actually her own best weapon against men who hate women and as I read the preview for the second book, Lisbeth is now enjoying the fruits of her 'hacking' labor (nerds rule the world, but hackers make the rules) and she is actually on her way for another hunting season. Smart chick.

Now, I'm on the prowl for the next book.
Genre: Murder & Mystery, Adult Thriller
Rating: 4 Kronor

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  1. Yay another Lisbeth fan! My favorite is Hornet's Nest!

    Hahaha, I've been meaning to put up Knights of the Idiotic Table, Philippine Chapter (Oh, you'll get what I mean when you read on in the series!)


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