Pacific Storm

With this book, the PacMan reiterates why the negotiations for the fight between him and Mayweather resulted in a stalemate. Manny is not against blood testing, contrary to what Floyd believes. Manny is against the timing of the blood tests (especially when done hours before the fight) because it weakens him just like what he experienced in his first fight against Morales. Manny did took a blood test in his first bout with Morales and if he was indeed taking the 'power pellets' (as Floyd asserts in his latest video stream for his fans), the world would have already known it after that Morales fight. But Manny's record remains clean as previously tested by the NSAC and TSAC, and Floydie remains a pussy and a paranoiac as shown in his recent legal misdeeds with his wife and children.

Anyway, this book is about Manny and not about Floyd. His story gives hope to the hopeless and the underdog. I use Hopeless and the Underdog as it applies to the Filipino and the rest of the Asian race. Manny Pacquiao is a success story built from zero to hero and from the grassroots to the stars. His faith is also solid. I hope he remains a humble person and I also hope that he use that wisdom to see beyond the masked flattery and unsolicited advice by the people who surround him (and earning from him) every day.

He is a good source of inspiration and he needs nothing more to prove it. The only flaw of this book is that it reads like a build up book for his political career. Pacquiao for President? I don't think so even if it's too early to ask. He fits perfectly well being the Humanitarian and not the Politician. Politics is the dirtiest job on the planet and Manny will inevitably face some enemies. As a fan, I prefer for him to become a boxing instructor and strategist while he can still help the poor by building livelihood foundations, schools, hospitals, and gymnasiums. The country still owns no gold in the Olympics and it's not that far for him to give a helping hand (or fists!) to the young and aspiring athletes. Everybody wins if he do that.

This book also needs some editing after seeing misspelled words and lost phrases. The best nugget from this book though, is the maternal wisdom of Mommy Dionisia. "The strongest terms, my mother warned me that begging is not the right way to live. Work was our first option. Prayer was the second. Begging was not an option." Indeed, there really is no substitute for hard work.

What is Manny's secret in maintaining his speed? He develops his core strength. This core strength connects his mind with his hands and feet, back and forth. "I attend to my core strength because everything in boxing is based from your core: lower back strength, toned sides, strong abdominal muscles, and flexible, strong hips. When your core is tight and strong, your legs are able to pull from this base. If you just develop strong legs then you will tire quickly. The key is to develop the middle of your body first and then the upper body, including shoulders and arms, plus your upper back."

Every boxing fan is amazed on how Manny fights and how he climb the weight classes without losing his speed. Some say he's a Freak of Nature while boxing trainer Emmanuel Steward says Manny is a Machine. I think Manny is not a machine nor a freak, but simply a Force of Nature. A storm coming from the Pacific.

Genre: Autobiography, Boxing
Rating: 3 Power Shots out of

I dedicate this review to an avid PacFan ---my father who enjoyed the book first before I did. As we await the results of your CT scan, always be strong, Tatay! We will always be here for you...

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