Filipino Legend on the cover of Time Magazine

Boxing is indeed a popular sport in the Global scene and we are still in awe with the legendary success of this Filipino fighter from General Santos City. My father, being an athlete in his college days and me, being a frustrated sportsman had been observing and following pro boxing since my childhood. And as we see the current trend in today's number one sport searched in the internet, we see that there are only two kinds of a good fighter.

The first fighter aims to win the fight via scorecard. The second fighter aims to win the fight via knock outs. Manny is the second kind of fighter. He gives his best, his everything to inspire his countrymen by winning the KOs. That is the reason why he is one of the Legends.

In his next fight against Miguel Cotto this coming November 14, he is definitely an underdog by size and power. Speed is surely Manny's best weapon but I hope that he prepared a counter-strategy to overcome Cotto's power shots. Some people will side with the bigger Cotto but my bet is still for the Filipino underdog. I hope that Manny will overcome Cotto's body shots and counter it with a defensive strategy to tire up Cotto in the later rounds and unleash his own power shots left and right combo.

What I like about Manny is that he's not a pussy just like any "professional" boxer out there who tries to pick a fight against a lighter and smaller opponent. And Manny's not a cry baby when he lose and certainly not a prima donna after winning a fight. He brought back the "strategy" aspect in the professional boxing and he stays humble as ever, the way every Filipino should be.

Win or lose, Pacquiao is still the best fighter.

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