Arnold Arre's Halina Filipina

Whether the author admits it or not, Halina Filipina is actually a good respite from the current crop of superhero/mythology tales in the local graphic novel scene. More than just about the title character, it's also about a beautiful love story between a Filipina-American learning to appreciate her roots and a local who despise things that destroys the Filipino. Together they learn and relearn what it means to be a Filipino. I personally like how Arre portrays "entertainment" as a cure and also a disease of our national consciousness. A simple jab to the jaw of game shows peddling instant high and temporary help just to earn ratings and millions of pesos in product endorsements.

Overall, this book deserves the accolade it currently earns.

Genre: Modern Fiction, Graphic Novel
Rating: 4.5 strands of straw hat

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