The Final Solution: A Story of Detection by Michael Chabon

I just simply like how the story ended.
Imagine what happens to Sherlock Holmes years after his retirement in the business, service, and art of crime detection. This is that book.

It's also cool to catch a glimpse of life (beyond the cliched borders of deductive reasoning) reflected from the eyes of the legend himself:

 The application of creative intelligence to a problem, the finding of a solution at once dogged, elegant, and wild, this had always seemed to him to be the essential business of human beings--the discovery of sense and casuality amid false leads, the noise, the trackless brambles of life. 

And yet he had always been haunted--had he not?--by the knowledge that there were men, lunatic cryptographers, mad detectives, who squandered their brilliance and sanity in decoding and interpreting messages in cloud formations, in the letters of the Bible recombined, in the spots on the butterflies' wings. One might, perhaps, conclude from the existence of such men that meaning dwelled solely in the mind of the analyst. That it was the insoluble problems--the false leads and the cold cases--that reflected the true nature of things.

This is my second Michael Chabon read after Gentlemen of the Road and it's been a worthwhile journey.

Genre: Mystery, Historical Fiction
Rating: 3.5 alphabet songs

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