Sounds like "Natin99" again

They wrote songs again after more than a decade since Ely declared in a text message that "It's graduation time." What are they really up to this time? Taking up their masters?

After hearing the two-song DVD for the third loop, I know both are genuine Eheads songs of the Natin99 breed. Even the 4-color concept of the DVD sleeve made by resident Eheads album artist Cynthia Bauzon-Arre is like a distant cousin of the Natin99 album.

I'm not complaining here. I love Natin99. I love Huwag Kang Matakot and Maselang Bahaghari. Even the song Tama Ka Nga written by Buddy remains highly relevant for any old urban professional out there. Just like 1995 and my personal favorite Sabado (which is actually a song about Friday) in this collection, any Eheads song in the past that provides meaning to a listener adds more value to the song itself. A good song can either be a reflection of our fantasy or a reflection of our reality and we once again, bow to the four kuya of alternative music scene of the 90's.

We know who they are today. Just press play and enjoy.

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