A Stone of All Ages

Last night I dreamt of my late grandfather. It was not the first time that he made a visit in my dreams but just as usual, I asked him what's new and what's up. Nothing, he said, he just wanted to give me something since this is the best time to do it as I saw him juggle something with his hand hidden in his right pocket, smiling.

I can not remember exactly if he's wearing his sweat shirt--the long-sleeved shirt he always wore while working in the 'pilapil' (rice paddies), or his white long sleeves he wore on Sundays and special occasions but all I'm sure about is what's inside his hand. As he lifted and opened his right palm in a gesture of giving, I saw a white, smooth looking stone (or perhaps seed) the size slightly bigger than a naphthalene mothball or a common marble stone that I used to play with when I was a kid. He told me it was a gift from across the generation of our ancestors and someday, I'm going to pass it to a chosen son, or grandson, or heir.

I was a bit surprised and skeptic. Lolo Jose never joked nor bluffed like this when he was still alive. In the first place, I wasn't so sure if his "gift" would be relevant in these current times. Apparently, there are more powerful things in this materialistic world than this stone like an iPad or Kindle and I am not a kid anymore to play 'jolens.'

He said "Keep it. Don't worry a thing, my grandson. Let the bastards keep blinded by their own delusions because you are still on the right track. You don't need to prove anything. Just stay simple, maintain that low profile, be patient and do what you always loved doing since you were young."

As I examined the cool smooth stone, scratching it in wonderment that it could be a mutant bean seed or a turtle's egg, I asked him in return "But what am I gonna do with this? I hope it wont turn me into a crappy superhero or some lout if I swallow this stone. I'd rather throw this away right now."

"Haha no," he laughed. "Far from it. It's important that you keep it and listen closely since all I can tell you is this: don't forget what David did to Goliath..."

"What? I'm going to slay a giant with this stone?"

Lolo Jose just answered with his usual tired but sincere smile, and I woke up sweating, like a fish that just escaped from an aquarium.

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