The Magic Circle by Gilda Cordero Fernando

Of all the reading materials in the bookshop, why would I even bother with a children's book? Maybe the sad Kapre in the cover caught my attention, or the artwork by Gilbert Daroy got me, or perhaps I always loved nature and the spirit world since I was a kid that prompted me to steal time and read this children's book in a small corner of the shop.

Jepoy Baybayin---the poorest boy of the Barrio and his dog Galis (who like Pugad Baboy's Polgas, can also speak well with punchlines) were invited to a wedding party by a duwende. It was a cool and interesting party, with all the fantastic food, songs, stories, and revelry and of course, the bride-&-groom Tikbalang at the center of the bancquet celebrating their union in the world of the spirits. But this celebration will be halted by a sudden demise of a mythical creature and comrade and the once festive mood of a spiritual union became a burial procession into the edge of the universe.

Who doesn't like a magical story with a very timely message to save the earth? Who doesn't like a story that relives the youthful days of humanity's enchantment with the spirit and elemental world?

This is a legit piece of literature for children that must be treasured and shared. And as an adult, it caught my attention too.

illustration ©Gilbert Daroy

read the first chapter here

Category: Children's Story, YA, Short fiction
Rating: 4 gold-rimmed plates out of 5

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