Skyfall: From Books to Film

We remember Sam Mendes as the director of American Beauty (I can't remember a damn thing about Jarhead) and the question remains where he must stand between a 'realistic' James Bond or 'fantastic' James Bond. After the second World War, we all know that Sir Ian Fleming has already defined in his books a very high profile character completely different from the ranks of the "low profile" and less-glamorous secret agents and wetworkers of history. In short, James Bond is designed as a teenager's "mythology" of his own prepubescent ego just like Indiana Jones or Luke Skywalker. It will never change. Just enjoy the ride, check the ladies, score some(lol), relax your brain, and don't expect too much from this film.

I still believe that Casino Royale is so far the best Bond film of the 21st century as it completely overshadowed Quantum of Solace.

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