Looking Forward to 2012

It's been a kick ass year of quality reading (as opposed to quantity reading) and what's also memorable and noteworthy with 2011 is the overall progression of my professional, social, and personal status. Nothing's left out and no commitment being sacrificed in the corner by reading books. I shall never forget real places like Bohol, Tagum City, and Davao City. It's still hard to believe that I finally quit smoking this year. Next year, it's going to be a tough year with all the games to be released, movies to watch, places to visit, friends and family to personally connect with (as opposed to this shitty online/virtual networking), the 2012 end of the world prognosis/delusion, Pacquiao-Mayweather rubbermatch, and more books to read. Most of the time I will stick with my preferred reading category next year, the genre where I belong---the Adult Genre.

They say that the World will end in 2012 based on a belief by the Mayan Civilization. Well, nobody in this planet gets out alive and all I can say is bring it on, Apocalypse!

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