Arnold Arre's After Eden

It's good to read again the book that you used to stalk and enjoyed reading in your College days.

This graphic novel by Arnold Arre is his most personal story before publishing another graphic novel- the Martial Law Babies last year. It's a slight digression from his most popular work The Mythology Class that anchored purely on the Popular Philippine Mythology. This book contains some fantastic element too, with angels and demons fighting each other and interfering with the lives of mortals, but reading After Eden again is a special experience, just like reuniting with old friends who are forever lost, and forever moving...

What I like in reading this comic book is the highly imaginative story and believable characters. It has some funny moments and unforgettable scenes, and it's a book about music too. I can hear the songs playing in my mind as I enjoyed reading it, hoping that the youthful love and longing you can easily feel will last for a very long time. It's a novel published at the height of the Anime and Manga invasion in the Philippines and I can say that it gave a good respite from the Anime Addiction. The story is enough to soothe a tired mind, and redirect a wandering soul.

It's a modern retelling of Adam and Eve, but this time they are out of the Garden of Eden. It's a story about childhood friendship facing a destiny. A destiny that only two people can make (or break).

Rating: 4 concert tickets out of 5
Genre: Modern Fantasy/Graphic Fiction

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