MPH by Millar & Fegredo

No pun intended but it was really a blast. Fast and yet, remarkably good enough to earn four stars. Ladies and gentlemen, if you're going to read one graphic novel this year, you should read this one by Mark Millar and Duncan Fegredo.

It's a modern day hybrid of Robin Hood, the 2012 film Chronicle, and DC Comics' Flash as we encounter a gang of four in Detroit come to grips with the temporary ability to run faster than the speed of sound. Mark Millar is the mastermind behind Wanted, Kick Ass 1-3, The Secret Service, Jupiter's Legacy, Nemesis, Superior, Super Crooks, American Jesus, Starlight and Chrononauts. We have seen Wanted, Kick Ass 1 & 2, and Kingsman: The Secret Service adapted into feature films. His other works are under development at major film studios. Millar also penned Superman: Red Son at DC Comics while doing Wolverine: Old Man Logan, the Civil War series, and creating The Ultimates at Marvel Comics. Duncan Fegredo on the other hand, pencilled various books for Vertigo-DC like Kid Eternity, Enigma, and Lucifer and also worked for a Hellboy miniseries at Dark Horse Comics.

This is my first read and my first review at Net Galley and I just liked what I just read. Originally published in 5 issues last year, this complete collection will not bore you with its ending. I have one or two questions that need to be answered but with the tight narrative and essential build up to conflicts and altercations being served abruptly like a bullet shot that was never wasted, they overpowered my need to think further of the plausibility and the science behind it. It was never disturbing nor head-scratching as watching the ending of Chris Nolan's Interstellar.  Speaking of films, I'm expecting a film adaptation of this book two to three years from now.

It's that good.

Rating: 4 banks robbed out of 5
Genre: Sci Fi

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