Let Your Light Shine

If I were a producer of today's highly recycled commercial music, I would categorize Agostino Scafidi's Let Your Light Shine [v.0] more as "sound" than "music." This advanced release composed of three recordings was mostly made by improvisation (guitars + light electronica) and live recordings in the neighborhood (I can hear people conversing and a car beeping) and will surely cater much to the underground scene or recording studios editing background music for a postmodern Terry Gilliam movie.

Before downloading the EP/album, I asked the artist/author about his musical references and history.

Booktripper: Could you tell me any of your musical influences including the kind of music you don't like, or the genre that is last on your list?

Scafidi: My influences have always been with various artists, not really specific ones, but all falling within free improvisation. That has been my main love when it comes to music and playing the guitar. I am also very interested in unorthodox and interesting music work such as field recordings. I also have always had a love for electronic music, but more the underground type instead of the mainstream. Recently, I have been very interested in the vaporwave genre. I have written a couple blog posts about it which you can see on my site.

I used to also enjoy metal and rock music. Not so much anymore. But now and then I do dabble and check out artists in various styles. I always appreciate hearing something new, even if it's only just once.

My least favourite genre is probably hip-hop/rap, and ballad/singer type music such as the big stars for example. I have still heard quite a bit of that music over the years, but it's not something I would seek out and listen for enjoyment.

The fusion of nature, man, and technology in this set is obvious. But if you are looking if this album follows the old and popular formula of rhythm, length, melody, harmonics, and all other ingredients of a mass-produced music, this album transcend and defy those rules.

You can check his music here.

Music Genre: Experimental, Improvisation
Rating: 3 stars

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