Fancy Pants Poetry 2

Probably it's highly subjective when the relevance of every poem to a reader is involved as I find myself surprisingly detached and distant in reading this collection in contrast to my clinging with the first. If the first book can be considered a world of diverse thoughts and expressions, this one is probably the northern hemisphere of that world. There are maybe three or four gems I discovered (I like The Same Old Story, I Can See The End Ahead, Tough Times, and Unknown Road) after re-reading and reading again for the third time to at least reconsider the things that I might have possibly missed. The cover design on the other hand is a big improvement from the first.

The challenge in creating a sequel is how you maintain the quality to be at par with the first. I am giving this collection three out of five ratings simply because it is substantial as a collection and a sequel to the first book. This collection still has visuals and depth, but the "fresh factor" weighs heavier in the first collection.

Genre: Poetry
Rating: Three lemons

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