Filipino Friday 1: Hello

Here's my part in supporting my fellow readers to the Filipino Reader Con this 9th of November. Filipino Reader Con is now on its second year but it just felt like two months since joining the weekly meme.

The template for Laura E. Kelley's Reader Species by the way is this:
and you can view the infographic she made in details here.

This blogger's species can be classified in 7

1. Reader>BookLover>Compulsive>Cherisher>LibraryLover

Nothing beats the ambiance of a well-tended library and the smell of a used book.

2. Reader>BookLover>Compulsive>Cherisher>Hoarder

This is true when I enter book sales and second hand book shops. Scoring a rare item on a reasonable price completes the mission.

3. Reader>BookLover>Situational>ComfortReader

Master Yoda says "Forgotten strategy, how-tos and whys recall you must."

4. Reader>BookLover>Situational>TravellingReader

Because the time you enjoyed reading, was never a wasted time...in transit.

5. Reader>BookLover>Situational>Social>Evangelist

This is a past crime when I push friends (and siblings) to try a favorite read. Lessons learned.

6. Reader>BookLover>FreeRange>It'sComplicated

It's hard to explain that's why it's complicated but defying categorization is always a cool thing. Everybody wants to be unique, but still we all end up as book suckers.

7. Reader>OtherReader>Conflicted>NoTimeToRead

This is exactly my current place in the world of reading, and probably for the coming years. Indeed "Life is what happens while you are busy making other (book reading) plans," said John the bookworm Lennon.

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  1. I love the library but I'm in the same boat ..no-time, so instead of my usual 4-5days a week visit, it's down to 1! :(


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