Enter Wolfman

Yup. That nuke aftermath scene with Logan burnt to a bloody crisp is freaky awesome, bub. Albeit methodically different from the books, seeing Logan lose his adamantium claws is also a much needed sequence, we've been waiting for it to happen on the big screen for so many years.

But what made this film better than the rest of the previous X-Series is the easter egg portion that usually happens after the end credits of most Marvel comic book adaptations. Magneto and Professor Charles Xavier reuniting with Logan at the airport is always a cool scene to officially hype the next X feature for 2014---the X Men: Days of Future Past when mutants go the route of the endangered species from the threat of the Sentinels somewhere in the future.

What else can I say for this film? It's unexpectedly decent and liked it better than X Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009. If Marvel and the X-franchise want to recover from the debris of botched X series (parts 1-3) then they made it here. Marvel comic's most popular hero deserved a second chance of respect from comic book and movie fans. This one's even better than Iron Man 3.  

Genre: Comic book adaptation
Rating: 8 bone claws out of 10


  1. I might have to see this one in theaters then from your review! And I would love to see the Magneto and Prof X scene - I'm really most excited for Days of Future Past!

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Charlene C!


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