Lutong Mamoy!* (Pugad Baboy is in the News again)

Ages ago, it used to be part of my routine to read Pugad Baboy strips via the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) online and last Tuesday I saw this and found it very critical from the author's point but still, I appreciate the joke and I do not blame him.

Once again, I don't see anything as condemning with the joke. It may be insensitive, but not something new as blatantly scandalous. It's part of a sad truth that we all know exists since time immemorial. Because first, I see it as a classic PMJR style of criticism (spelled as S-a-t-i-r-e) about his fellow Filipinos. That cynical style made him a household name for both his followers and critics. Second, PMJR is depicting here a very unique character giving her part in a story arc. That character is representing the LGBT community's standpoint but the author uses it everyday with the same magnitude as portraying characters like your common government employees, teachers, students, traditional politicians, cult fanatics, vegetarian activists, hippie junkies, et al. In short, they are all part of a diversity that made Pugad Baboy comic strips a mirror of our society---the Philippine Society.

Only this morning when I visited the Inquirer site I saw an article about the PDI apologizing to the negative feedback, leading to temporary suspension of Pol Medina Jr. This one I think, is a near-sighted move by PDI because first of all, the publication of this strip is also an editor's job and giving the bulk of penalty to PMJR is exactly unfair to the author.

Public admittance of one's fault and sanctioning penalty to another is I think a very partial judgment on PDI's side.

*A Filipino's reaction after sensing that something smells fishy.

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