This is a retrospective science fiction story since it does not look far away in a place somewhere in the galaxy but instead points into ourselves and  the home planet called Earth. It's actually based from a graphic novel of the same title but the main perspective switches in this movie for a good reason.

At the sight of ships extracting Earthly resources, the plot twist is not hard to decipher as the paranoia of seeing cloned humans sleeping in each pod reminded me of clones in The Matrix serving as batteries.

Amusingly, it also plays with the idea of memory and its connection with love. If cloning can transfer memory, can it also transfer intimacy? For me, the most likable part in this movie is not the technology and futuristic gadgets but the basic return-to-nature message, with hints of natural farming and retro music played straight from vinyl. Morgan Freeman playing a minor role may be a surprise, but the scene with the main character faces off with the mother alien is like seeing again the space final confrontation scene in Independence Day (ID4).

This one passes the test and you can check it out too, if you want to watch a feel good movie.

Genre: Sci Fi, Book Adaptation
Rating: 8 drones out of 10

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