Judgment Time

Even if its too late to watch this sci fi + action blood fest of 2012, it's still truly worth the buck. I expect a cult following for direct-to-DVD collectors, or even for Netflick viewers out there. There's a real plot good enough to immerse yourself in, and the magnitude of enjoyment for this film mirrors the same fun I had to the Living Dead sequel-- the Army of Darkness when it became a cult classic in the 90's.

If you like to watch films with ball-busting and hard-to-crack women, you have it. I remember Samantha Morton's role in Minority Report as physically weak but powerful precog whenever I see Olivia Thirlby's mutant psychic character, anticipating well the enemy's next move and fucked-up thoughts. Don't make a mistake about it, the Rookie knows her stuff before you take the first wrong step.

Also, Lena Headey's role as Madeline Madrigal aka MaMa--gang leader of the SlowMo drug ring may be a very different role from her Cersei Lannister role in Game of Thrones series, or even from her Queen Gorgo--wife of King Leonidas role in 300 but still, she can make a pretty believable character.

I give much regard to the director for employing a camera technique reminiscent of the bullet-time method used in the first Matrix film but I think the difference that gave this film my nod of approval is the author who wrote the script. British author Alex Garland was already a recognized name when he wrote the books The Tesseract (where the plot is situated in the urban Manila), and The Beach (that was adapted into film in 2000 starring Leonardo di Caprio, and directed by Danny Boyle). Comic book readers and young viewers today can forget about how mediocre the Stallone-featured 1995 film adaptation. This DREDD 3D is a better version. And a sequel is not a bad idea either.

Who's your MaMa?

Genre: Comic book to film adaptation, Sci Fi, Action
Rating: 8 out of 10 armor-piercing bullets

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